Luxury home: Amillarah Private Islands, the artificial islands


Luxury home: Fully customizable artificial islands, self-sustaining, protected from rising sea levels and safe for the environment.

Centuries of experience have made the Dutch have become the leading experts of everything that has to do with the technology to build on reclaimed sea land. This experience has been crucial for the company Ducth Docklands (expert flotation technology) has been associated with prestigious real estate firm Christie’s International Real Estate to create Amillarah Private Islands.

Owning a private island is the highest aspiration of some people, but can also become an unattainable dream. Thanks to this new mega international project, that illusion is a possible goal ago.

Luxury home: Amillarah Private Islands, the artificial islands Customizable

Luxury home Amillarah Private Islands, 01
Luxury home
Luxury home Amillarah Private Islands,
1, 4. Miami. 2, 3. Dubai.

Amillarah Private Islands are floating residences customizable projects that have been designed by the famous Dutch architect Koen Olthuis. These artificial islands are totally self-sustainable, protected sea level, and harmless to the environment, even with the idea of ​​promoting a new underwater habitat for marine life. To do this, Amillarah Private Islands works with Ocean Futures Society, a company created by Jean-Michel Cousteau and dedicated to researching ways to improve the reaction of marine life with artificial reefs under the portable islands and create the possibility of new habitats.

The floating mansions are mobile, so their owners can move the bedroom to see better, sunrise or a sunset. The water surrounding creates a natural border that provides privacy and freedom not found in other real estate in the world. It’s like owning a castle protected by the huge moat and saltpeter. The buyer to choose if you want a romantic area surrounded by greenery, a tropical island with white sand beaches or contemporary urban enclave.

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otential places Amillarah Private Islands has made the proposed construction of luxury houseboats are Maldives, Dubai and Miami. In the Maldives, the area that will host the project is in one of its most beautiful lakes. In collaboration with the country’s government will build more than ten Amillarah private islands just twenty-five minutes from the international airport. These islands are designed with maximum safety, privacy and luxury, giving homeowners the last word in design and luxury.

In Dubai, Amillarah Private Islands has signed an Oqyana according to real estate Company, building a total of 33 luxury floating structures. In Miami, a lake just 185 acres connected to the Intercostal of North Miami Beach and the ocean, the first thirty islands in US territory that will host the privileged owners who will benefit from the famous surrounding neighborhood for its luxury, its nightlife will be built, its gastronomy, unique shops and entertainment venues.

The ultimate goal of Amillarah Private Islands is to make each of its floating, present and future projects in paradigm lifestyle, exclusivity and comfort for those chosen ones who can afford to own a property of ultra-luxury where host your time recreation and rest distant land.

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