Luxury Houses: Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in The World

Luxury Houses: The home is one of the favorite spots of people, is one of the places that conforms to every taste and whim of individuals, the life of anyone in the world, revolves around a place they can call “home “where they can relax, distract, relax, get peace, harmony, happiness and lots of comforts. A house can be in different ways, large, small, comfortable or some people have very luxury houses, all depending on its owner and the personality, because usually inside a home, reflects own people features, seeking to connect with themselves to get anywhere.

And, although there are all types of housing, with distinctive architectures and very pronounced styles, there are so extravagant people who want to reflect that aspect of his personality buying a big house, so, so huge, that can be compared to a department store, although it sounds very ironic. There are luxury houses, so huge and extravagant as their owners, so its price is also part of history, have a property so very large, involves paying the luxury that composes, considering that modern buildings, betting for the preservation of the planet, saving energy and ecology.

These materials contain a considerably expensive price and, if it is a large and very well laid out house, all costs are in addition to the location of it, a good sector and a good city, rise increase a few zeros to the final account and to full payment of the property. Between society, it is said that this kind of mega houses and grandstanding buildings, it awarded to athletes, politicians, singers, magnates and recognized characters, which you will see the 10 most expensive houses in the world, its owners, history and a short description.

So, here they are these luxury houses:

Maison de L’Amitié.
9.- Mountain Home Road, California

8.-  Xanadu 2.0, Seattle.

7.- Blossom Estate, Palm Beach.

6.- Kensington Palace Gardens, London (Property number 1)

5.- Ellison Estate, California

4.- One Hyde Park Penthouse, London

3.- Kensington Palace Gardens, London (Property number 2)

2.- Villa Leopolda, France

1.- Antilia, India.

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