Top 10 Most Impressive Homes of WWE Superstars.


Here are the 10 most impressive houses of former and current WWE superstars.

WWE Superstars: These professional wrestlers earn fame and fortune through hard work in World Wrestling Entertainment or formerly known as World Wrestling Federation (WWE/WWF). Being in the WWE most of these ‘superstars’ get only one day a week to relax at the place where they live. Homes that are luxury homes.

10) CM Punk

CM Punk’s beautiful condo is located in Chicago, Illinois. He bought five-bedroom home for $ 2.15 million in 2010. It includes a movie theater, two-story living room, a family room with a loft game room, a three-car garage, and master bedroom with floor heating, a desk with tiger-wood flooring, a Jacuzzi tub and a wine cellar. CM Punk is surely live in this beautiful condo.

9) Rey Mysterio

Beautiful residence WWE superstar Rey Mysterio is located in California. A major attraction of this home is the large aquarium, which is located in the lounge. It has a collection of old memories in her office. The court has a beautiful pool with a waterfall display.

8) Big Show

Big Show has two properties, one of which cost him $ 3.7 million. He bought in 2007. This house has a water body attached to it. It even has a dock for boating. There is also a nice pool. He bought another property of The Undertaker. This home is located in Florida. Many WWE Superstars live in Florida.

7) The Miz

Before turning to a vast field, The Miz had bought a luxury condo in the Hollywood area. The Hollywood sign was visible from the condo roof. There was a party room in the basement. There was a TV, a pool table, sofas and many memories. The condo includes a kitchen and a master bedroom. He sold the condo in 2013.

6) Goldberg

Goldberg was popular in the 1990s His $ 2.5 million 4,600 square feet property is in California. He bought this beautiful Mediterranean style home in 2001. It has a nice pool. No wonder we do not see much of him on television now-a-days. The Rock also has a Mediterranean-style home, but in Florida.

5) The Undertaker

The Undertaker has a beautiful property in Austin, Texas. Now a days he spends most of his time here with his family. The house yard has a huge swimming pool. Undertaker is in the business of real estate. It owns several properties throughout the United States. Before moving to its Austin property Undertaker resided on a ranch in Cedar Creek, located just outside of Austin. At one point in time, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie rent this property. It was when Brad was filming a movie in Texas.

4) Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have a huge estate in Weston, Connecticut. The house is closed and a lot of land around it. It features an outdoor pool in the courtyard. Three daughters Stephanie Aurora, Vaughn and Murphy also live here. The field is similar to the father’s succession of Stephanie McMahon, which is located nearby.

3) Vince McMahon

Vast field of Vince McMahon is located in Weston, Connecticut. It is very convenient for him because the seat of the WWE in Stamford, Connecticut. Vince is the president and CEO of the WWE. His Weston home has beautiful gardens, a large driveway, pool and lanai.

2) John Cena

The seaside home of John Cena is part of a private gated community in Land O’Lakes, Florida. It is in the nature reserve and includes a swimming pool, boat dock and a guest house. The interior of the house is very spacious. It includes a cigar lounge, modern clothing and antique décor. An elevator connects the hall of clothes the master bedroom. The interiors have been featured in an episode of Total Divas. The pool has a beautiful waterfall display.

1) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

WWE superstar The Rock success has a 13,700 square foot house (named “Pietra D’Oro”) in the upscale Landmark Ranch Estates, west of Fort Lauderdale. The property is worth about $ 4.5 million. This Mediterranean-style house has a garage for six cars.

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